Need Help Taking Care of Your Turf?

Trust our turf management company in Cyr Plantation & Caribou, ME

It can be a lot of work to care for a big plot of land. Northern Turf Management makes it easy on you by handling all your turf management needs. We can take over maintenance for you to make sure your turf always looks incredible. We're available to work on your yard or larger commercial projects.

Turf management involves:


  • Keeping weeds from growing
  • Aerating your soil
  • Applying fertilizer to promote grass growth




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Feed your greenery to make sure it flourishes

Feed your greenery to make sure it flourishes

Our turf fertilizer program ensures that every patch of grass gets the nutrients it needs to thrive. We'll apply fertilizer all over your turf, making sure not to miss a single spot. Our process starts by testing your soil to figure out what it needs. Then, we'll come up with a customized fertilization program.

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