Stop Pests From Invading Your Space

Depend on us for outdoor insect control in Cyr Plantation & Caribou, ME

One part of living in Maine involves having to deal with insect and rodent pests. We can protect your home, yard, or business from common pests like:

- Spiders
- Ants
- Cluster Flies
- Mosquitoes
- Ticks
- Mice
- Rats

Insects can do a lot of damage to your turf. Northern Turf Management protects your property by applying various pest control methods throughout the area. Our outdoor insect control services are just what you need to stop bugs from destroying your turf.

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Discover how our pest control company can help you

Discover how our pest control company can help you

You don't have to resort to store-bought pest control chemicals that don't even work. Our pest control company has the proper tools and equipment to deal with pests on a large scale. Once we've been through your property, you won't have to worry about bugs for a good long while.

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