Grubs include any of several beetle species, however, the most common ones that we deal with in Maine are Japanese beetles and European chafers. The larval stage of these insects are all “grubs,” or cream-colored, C-shaped worm-like creatures.

Their destruction occurs by feeding on the roots of the turfgrass plants, which of course weakens the plants and in many cases depletes their energy reserves to the point of death. Not only do grubs cause extensive damage, but they can cause skunks, crows, and other scavengers to tear apart grub-infested turf areas like a rototiller to search for a juicy insect meal.

A preventative approach is really the only viable option for control. Once these pests have attacked your lawn and any damage gets noticed, it is usually too late to control them curatively as the damage will have been done. Call 207-544-9420 or submit the form below for your free quote!

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